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Best Selling Products

Tool Grinder

Tool Grinder size 8 inches 0.5 HP Motor

Lathe Adda

Lathe Adda Machine 3 feet bed, with collet

Surface Grinder

Surface Grinder Machine size 8x18 with magnetic chuck.

Surface Grinder

Surface Grinder Machine, size 9x18 with magnetic chuck


Heavy Machines

Manual Surface Grinder

Manual Surface Grinder, Size 8x18, 1HP (3 phase) motor with magnetic chuck, and complete accessories. 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Surface Grinder

Manual Surface Grinder Machine high precision and best quality, Size 9x18, 1HP 3 phase motor with magnetic chuck, oil pump and starter. 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Milling Machine

Turret Ram Verticle Milling Machine, Size: 950x215 mm, table feed 560mm. Best Quality

Verticle Milling Machine

Vertical Milling Machines which is manufactured in compliance with international quality standards. High precision and good quality.

Surface Grinder Types

oil-type-surface grinder
Oil Type Surface Grinder

Oil Type Surface Grinder with sturdy construction, robust design, and high durability. These Oil Type Surface Grinding Machines have small footprints and are affordable and easy to operate, with little heat distortion and negligible noise.

Linear Slide Guide way Option - Oil Dip In oil type machine the magnetic slide on which the magnetic chuck is mounted moves on a V & flat guides which are permanently dipped in an oil tray. As for ball type machine the magnetic slide is guided by a set of roller guides using ball strips.

Usage of Oil Type Surface Grinder - Oil dip is better for Tool rooms while Ball type is better for production.

Ball Type Surface Grinder

Ball Type Surface Grinder incorporating modern techniques and highly sophisticated technical features, The Ball Type Surface Grinder absolutely vibration-free and noiseless working. Ball Type Surface Grinder accuracy on the machine is guaranteed and all controls of the machine are within the easy reach of the operator.

The machine is built of heavy duty cast iron which further ensures absolutely Vibration-free service and every care has been taken to fabricate each and every part incorporated in the machine precisely so as to enable the machine to achieve its maximum accuracy.

Usage of Ball Type Surface Grinder - Ball type Surface Grinder is better for production while oil type is better for tool rooms.

ball-type-surface grinder